Sodium CARBONATE (Washing Soda) For DIY Cleaning Products

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Sodium carbonate is similar in chemical formula to baking soda but is more basic, which makes it caustic and potentially harmful if swallowed. It is used widely as a cleaning agent. It is also known as "washing soda" or "soda ash" and helps laundry detergents lather more effectively, particularly when the water is hard (high mineral content). It is sold in powder form and you can use it to make Suzanne's simple laundry powder (see recipe in pictures). Sold in 500g compostable brown paper bags. 

Making your own natural cleaning products is now the easiest thing in the world, just follow Suzanne's instructions! Suzanne Laverdière is the owner and master soap maker of Faveur Savons Bio in Montreal. She gave two great workshops at NU this year and we are big fans of her products. When you do your own, you know exactly what goes into your cleaning products.

Ingredient: Sodium carbonate