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Bulk / Nut Milk Bags (Set of 3)

Bulk / Nut Milk Bags (Set of 3)

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These bags can be used for bulk, snacks and produce, or as nut milk bags! Dimensions: 9 x 11 inches. Holds 8 lbs. Machine washable, hang to dry. 100% polyester.

Finding nut milk in glass bottles is close to impossible... nut milks are generally sold in Tetra Paks that are very hard to recycle: to recycle them, you need to separate all the layers, which is an expensive and energy-intensive process. So even if you put your Tetra Pak in the blue bin, chances are it actually goes straight to landfill! Good news is, making nut milk ("mylk") is pretty easy, especially with these bags. Soak your nuts overnight, grind them with water in the food processor and press the paste through a bag to obtain a creamy homogeneous nut milk. Check out mylk recipes on our blog here.

Healthy, delicious, waste-free!

Brand: Got it!

Material: Polyester

Made in Canada