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Bamboo Toothbrush With Soft Nylon Bristles For Kids

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Bamboo toothbrush with a 100% biodegradable handle and ultra-soft nylon bristles. This toothbrush will last as long as your usual plastic toothbrush. The handle can be composted at the end of its life. Packaged in a light cardboard box. Green/yellow bristles. Designed for children with a 14.5 cm handle and a 2 cm head.

No more plastic toothbrushes that end up in a landfill! The advantage of nylon bristles is that they are softer than plant-based bristles and last longer. The downside (other than not being 100% zero waste) is that you have to pull the nylon bristles before putting the handle in the compost. Still, a great product by a young Gatineau-based company.

Brand: OLA Bamboo

Material: Bamboo, nylon

Made in China