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Centoventi Paper Sack (Reusable and Washable)

Centoventi Paper Sack (Reusable and Washable)

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Unique reusable paper bag. Food safe and washable (it can be machine washed at 30 degrees with mild soap). Great for storage and decoration. Foldable. Dimensions: 29 x 10 x 12 cm.

Need help organizing your home? We love these elegant sacks from Essent-ial, an Italian company that still manufactures these unique bags in Italy instead of outsourcing them to low cost countries. Their bags are beautifully designed and the use of paper truly innovative. The bags are so sturdy, it is hard to believe that they are made from such a simple material. This one in particular has an interesting leathery feel. Use them for anything you want: storage, decoration, as covers for flower pots, etc.

Brand: Essent-ial

Material: Cellulose fiber

Made in Italy