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Reusable Pads (Set of 2)

Reusable Pads (Set of 2)

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Washable and reusable menstruation pads with an integrated waterproof, breathable polyurethane membrane. They offer excellent protection for normal menstruation flow. Made of certified organic cotton and 3 layers of absorbent hemp. Designed with wings to hold them in place, secured by a snap at the crotch. The inside of the pads is natural, the back has a colourful blue or purple pattern.  

I'm a fan of the Diva Cup but tried these pads to come to the same conclusion than with the pantyliners: they are amazing. Comfortable, highly absorbent, and cute (because why not). Great quality for a very reasonable price. You will never have to buy disposable pads again - a great way to save both money and the environment. Ökocreations is also run by an awesome sister duo. All their products are handmade in their Montreal shop. 

Brand: Ökocreations

Material: Organic cotton, hemp, polyurethane

Made in Montreal