Merkur Double-Edge Safety Razor (For Men and Women)

Merkur Double-Edge Safety Razor (For Men and Women)

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This double-edge safety razor from Merkur has a longer handle than the average safety razor, which provides a good grip and makes shaving easy, for men and women. Made of chrome-plated steel. 10 cm long. Weighs 60 g. Comes with one stainless steel blade. Replacement blades from Bareaya are available in our online store, but you can use any brand of double-edge blades.

This razor is Merkur's best-seller for a reason. The long handle really makes it convenient to use and although steel razors are heavier than single-use plastic razors, this model feels lighter than many of its competitors. A safety razor isn't cheap, but it is absolutely worth the investment. You will save money in the long run (no more buying disposable razors!), and feel great about creating less trash. It is also beautiful and ingenious.

Brand: Merkur

Material: Chrome-plated steel

Made in Germany