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Waxed Dish/Bowl Cover (4 sizes)

Waxed Dish/Bowl Cover (4 sizes)

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Handmade with unbleached cotton that is covered in ivory beeswax of the finest quality. Every bowl/dish cover has a unique hand-drawn navy blue print. Wash it with cold water and soap, and reuse it all over again. Available in 4 sizes. Small (diameter: 6.5"), Medium (diameter: 8"), Large (diameter: 10"), X-Large (diameter: 12")

A great alternative to plastic wrap or foil when you need to cover leftover food or rising bread dough. The beeswax protects food but lets it breathe, and food needs that! The prints are beautiful and we love the zero waste messages. My favourite: Be part of the solution not the pollution. Also makes a great gift!

Brand: Edgy Moose Designs

Material: Printed unbleached natural cotton, charcoal filtered ivory beeswax

Made in Nakusp, BC