Reusable Makeup Removal Pads (8-Pack)

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Washable and reusable makeup removal pads made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Soft and gentle to the skin, they can be used to remove makeup, lipstic and mascara and for minor wound care in lieu of disposable wipes and cotton pads. Natural colour with different coloured trims.

I use very little makeup myself and remove it simply with water, soap and a towel, so I delegated the product testing to my teenage daughters! They used the pads with their usual liquid makeup remover and it worked perfectly. I put the pads in the washer and dryer afterwards and they came out clean, ready to be reused, and just as soft as before. If the pads are very dirty, pre-treat them with our old-fashioned stain remover laundry bar.

A great replacement for single-use wipes and pads, and an economical choice in the long run. Made by Ökocreations, a young company that is run by an awesome sister duo. All their products are handmade in their Montreal shop. 

HOLIDAY GIFTING TIP: Add a few products to make it a zero waste bathroom kit! For example: a bamboo toothbrush, an oriculi, a nice natural bar soap, etc. Use a cotton bulk bag as a gift wrap and you're good to go!

Brand: Ökocreations

Material: Hemp, organic cotton

Made in Montreal