Organic Cotton Bulk Bag

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Made of 100% untreated organic cotton. Ideal to buy beans, seeds and grains or to carry snacks. Available in Small (5" x 7") and Medium (8" x 10"). Lightweight and washable. 

I use these cotton bags in lieu of glass jars to buy dry foods, because they are light and don’t take much space on the way to the grocery store. I put them in the washer and dryer after each use for convenience, so my bags have shrunk slightly from their original size but are still big enough to hold what I need. To avoid shrinkage, wash them with cold water and let them air dry.

GIFTING TIP: A bulk bag is a gift in itself, but can also serve to wrap other gifts. Fill it with other goodies, like bamboo utensils, reusable straws, reusable makeup pads... you have endless options for a wonderful zero waste gift bag.

Brand: Credobags™

Material: 100% untreated organic cotton

Made in Montreal